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Top VPS Hosting - What is it?

VPS means Virtual Private Server; it is a virtual machine that runs its personal a copy of an operating system and act like a virtual server which allows superuser to access the operating system and install any software on it.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a physical server that is divided into numerous logical virtual servers and each of this virtual servers is private. This means that, unlike shared hosting, you get full root access to your server and no other user can have access into your account or files. You can also reset all configuration files and also even run any Linux program that you may want to. VPS hosting is a type of web hosting account that you can select to host your website online, for you to have your website to be up and running on the internet, all your website files must be on a web server. But to set up and manage a server can be difficult and expensive too.

Top VPS hosting is the most preferred choice for users who are experiencing rapid growth, running complex web applications, or having heavy website traffic. Finding the best VPS hosting that offers their clients with great features at an affordable price to host your website is not an easy task.

Best VPS Hosting Providers 2024
Hostings Price m. Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth Extras Link
1-Core 2GB 40GB SSD 5TB Code: STARTER35 Get Discount
$35.95 2 Cores 2GB 40GB SSD 3TB Free Domain Get Discount
$10 1-Core 1GB 30GB SSD 1TB - Get Discount
$19.99 1-Core 1GB 40GB 1TB Free Domain Get Discount
$6 1-Core 1GB 25GB 1TB Code: TENOFF Get Discount
$32.99 4-Cores 4GB 75GB 2TB - Get Discount
$19.99 1-Core 1GB 40GB 1TB Free Domain Get Discount
$29 2-Cores 2GB 40GB 10TB - Get Discount

What are the Benefits?

There are some benefits you enjoy when using VPS hosting for your website; VPS offers you features of shared hosting and at the same time offering you power and control over your websites like a dedicated server. Other benefits include:

Top VPS Hosting Benefits

Customization: VPS hosting allows you to have your own Operating System. This also means that you have your own instances of all server applications such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL and if you want to customize any of these services, you can do it according to how you want it or according to the need of your server.

Control: VPS gives you total control of your server, you can install any applications on it and if the application requires that you restart the server, you can restart it without affecting anybody.

Privacy: Since you have your personal operating system which cannot be shared on the server, no other website can access your server. It is a private server meant to host only your files..

Dedicated resources: VPS hosting gives you some dedicated resources such as the amount of RAM available to you at a particular time, CPU and disk space. You are in charge of your memory, and there is no one else that can use it.

How to Choose the Best VPS?

To choose the best managed VPS hosting, there are number of factors you need to put into consideration;

Advantages - Explained

Disadvantages - Explained

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