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Top Shared Hosting Services - All Details Explained

The digital world is enormous that even finding the perfect hosting solution for your website is also now a grueling task. With tons of web hosting companies with an assortment of price, plans, and packages, it's undeniably difficult to find that one single shared hosting solution that will robustly support everything that's going on in your website.

And so we did the hard work for you and came up with this checklist. We crawled the internet and scouted out the top 7 shared hosting services with the best deals that you can choose from and how to choose one.

Best Shared Web Hosting Companies 2024
Hostings # Price m. Uptime Domains Disk Space Bandwidth Extras Link
$2.85 99.99% 1 Unlimited SSD Unlimited Free Domain Get Discount
$2.95 99.999% 1 40GB SSD 100GB Free SSL Get Discount
$4,13 99.9% Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Code: TENOFF Get Discount
$3.92 99.9% 1 Unlimited Unlimited SSD Get Discount
$3.96 99.9% Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain Get Discount

But, what is "shared hosting" really all about?

Let's define it quick.

Shared hosting is the most popular form of web hosting for years because of its affordability, scalability, and other great easy-to-use features. Small and medium-sized businesses, startup blogs, and websites with moderate traffic can flourish through shared hosting.

One of the most striking benefits of shared hosting is that it's highly economical. Once you pay a small amount of monthly fee, your site will be placed in a shared service and server space along with other websites. You also don't need an expert sys admin knowledge because the host provider will fully manage your site.

We are looking at all famous, trusted and reliable International companies with data centers all over the world, but if you need a data center exactly in UK for example, then it's better to visit our colleagues' website about the Best UK Hosting and find more concrete information.

Now, let's move on to the list.

10-Point Checklist to Know Which One is Perfect For You

We know it's still pretty overwhelming to choose one. And so to help you further in your search for the best hosting solution that will perfectly suit your website needs, here's a 10-point checklist you need to consider.

Identify Your Needs

1. Identify Your Needs

Do you have a small enterprise site, a large corporate website, or a personal blog? Does your website need a particular software? Is it an eCommerce site? What is your target traffic volume? A lot of things to consider actually, but knowing exactly what kind of website you are building or what you currently have is the best way to understand your hosting needs. It may take a little while before you find yourself and your website in sync and systematized, so while you are in the process, make sure you create a plan and read a lot. Most new sites thrive in shared hosting.

2. Evaluate the Uptime Record

A lot of hosting providers say they have an almost perfect uptime record, and it's actually a nice thing if they have the guts to mention a score above 99.5%. If you come across a hosting solution that does not point out its uptime record, you must move on to another option. But, please be careful before you choose a shared host that claims a perfect uptime score. You need to do your part, read reviews, and check their real score by using a free-trial, easy-to-use server monitor tools.

3. Take Time to Try and Find a Customer Support that Responds Satisfactorily and Quickly

Technical support is one important thing to consider when you look for a reliable shared hosting provider. You wouldn't want to get stuck with your site that just shut down for no reason at all and you don't know what to do because your host's customer support is nowhere to be found. Though a lot of providers have a 24/7 live chat support, it's always time and effort-saving to evaluate first how quick they respond, how friendly and approachable they are, or how knowledgeable they are.

Security and Backup Strategies

4. Check for Security and Backup Strategies

Worst case scenario, your site may undergo a scary crash. Perhaps, you've been hacked or there's a host server error. The only way to avoid it is to know well if your hosting provider offers regular site backups. Any loss of data can be a serious pain on your end as you try to bring them back. So, make sure that your provider offers that benefit and that they have stronger security to prevent any unlikely data invasion. If you can't find any information on their site about backups, ask them.

5. Always Check for Upgrade & Downgrade Options

Scalability matters a lot in this fast-paced technology. Understand well their upgrade and downgrade policies so when the times comes that you may need to switch to a different plan or package, then you can do it hassle-free.

6. Look for an Intuitive, Easy-to-Use CPanel

A functional and easy-to-use Control Panel is extremely vital. You can do basic changes on your own without the need to go through the complex process of reaching a hosting tech support staff to do that simple tweak for you. An insightful panel can really help a lot.

7. Identify if They Support Multiple Domains

Check first if your hosting provider supports multiple domain names. Businesses are always looking for a way to expand themselves and if the hosting provider you are eyeing cannot support you need to expand for a wider online presence, then it's not a good choice after all. There are a lot of benefits when you go for multiple domain hosting. Benefits include the improvement of speed performance, availability of limitless email addresses and access to administrative functions to better support your customers, and simplified management of multiple business fronts.

8. Know the Subscription Terms

Long subscription contract can be pretty tempting for it has a better price as you do the math, but try to avoid long contracts unless they have a money-back guarantee.

Load Speed

9. Check for Load Speed

Website visitors click the back button quick if the site they are visiting would not load in 3 seconds. Make sure that your hosting provider will not be the culprit of your traffic decline.

10. Check for Transparency

Most providers tend to have vague policies and that has often been the cause of client-provider misunderstandings. If you find a hosting provider that is not afraid to discuss the nitty-gritty of its services, then it's another way to tell if they are after a transparent business. To avoid unwanted issues in the future, read well the provider's policies and don't hesitate to check with them some statements you deem unclear.

To wrap up, finding the best shared hosting solution for your website is just right at your fingertips. Tapping into the power of the Information Age will always put you ahead of everything.

#1 - Bluehost - Highlights

BlueHost is one of the largest hosting providers in the market today. As the official hosting provider recommended by WordPress, it is now powering and operating over 2 million websites from across the globe. Pretty fine figure.


Bluehost has a world-class data center and they are really improving year after year. The sites work flawlessly with Bluehost's SimpleScripts and the loading time is really quick.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
Bluehost 560 Timpanogos Pkwy, Orem, UT 84097 888-401-4678 N/A

#2 - iPage - Highlights

iPage's Essential Plan offers as low as $1.99 per month. The most budget-friendly hosting of all, but you'll be surprised at what they can offer.


Real customers of iPage say that the service is definitely valuable to anyone new to website design and even to experts. The basic website builder with thousands of available free templates is one of their admirable features. It is easy to use and navigate alongside the ease of contacting their knowledgeable customer support team in case you have issues.

A quick 24/7 support will always come in handy even if you are an expert at web designs. iPage has an excellent, friendly customer support via live chat on a ticket system, phone, and email.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
iPage 10 Corporate Dr, Ste 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA 877-472-4399 N/A

#3 - Interserver - Highlights

Interserver has been in the industry for 16 years. They are one of the most budget-friendly hosting providers in the world offering VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting. From individual weblogs to large company sites, Intersever can handle them all. They offer great features at a low monthly cost. They take pride in their highly customizable VPS plan, fast website load time, 99.9% strong uptime guarantee, price lock guarantee, and steady business but continuous innovation.

Other great features include:
Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website: 110 Meadowlands Parkway, Suite 100, Secaucus, NJ 07094 1-201-605-1440

FatCow - Highlights

FatCow prides their eco-friendly hosting service as they are powered by renewable energy. Not only do they care about the environment, FatCow is also the most progressive, up-to-date host at a very affordable price. Support is available 24/7 and they ensure a fast download and upload speed to its servers.


FatCow has been operating for many years now (since 1998) and that alone explains their integrity and value as a hosting service provider.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
FatCow 10 Corporate Dr, Ste 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA 888-278-9780 N/A - Highlights

The best part of eHost is its stellar pricing. While a lot might think that you get what you pay for, eHost is not your low-quality, cheap hosting solution. The low price doesn't reflect the service value. Getting a high quality service at a low price doesn't happen every day. Indeed, it's a satisfying, smart choice.

eHost has an extensive online help center with a 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and phone. Network monitoring is also 24/7 all protected by enhanced security suite worth over $100.

eHost is now hosting over 1 million sites and counting.


Drag-and-drop, site building from scratch, thousands of free templates to choose from, no coding skills required, easy to integrate add-ons and apps, and a cPanel hosting to easily install Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress if you are vying to add more flexibility to your website, all these things will help your web development run smooth.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website: - 877-880-0076 N/A

GreenGeeks - Highlights

GreenGeeks' key features are PHP, WordPress, Money-Back Guarantee, Excellent Uptime Performance, Backups, MySQL, and CPanel. Like other hosting solutions, they also offer plans and packages based on a client's particular need like a reseller, VPS, dedicated, or shared hosting. You name it. Up to date, Green Geeks are already hosting over 300,000 websites from over 150 countries. They started in 2008 and is still in the groove ramping up their service. Like FatCow, they also take pride that they are 300% powered by renewable energy. They rise above the hosting industry while cutting down carbon footprint.

Other features include:
Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
GreenGeeks 5739 Kanan Rd Suite 300, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA 1-877-326-7483

HostClear - Highlights

For a very low monthly rate, you can now obtain a hosting that is award-winning. HostClear is on its way to improve its features to target modern consumers. It continues to make its customers satisfied with their friendly, knowledgeable customer support service team available 24/7.

Like most reviews say, HostClear is a brilliant value for your money.

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
Hostclear - 866-585-7989 N/A