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A Must-Read for All Business Types and Sizes on Finding Top Dedicated Server Hosting

A business does not just exist pointlessly - they are started up in the very first place to grow and proliferate. And when you find your business spreading like a wildfire, it only means one thing - you need to upgrade your server and all your data to a whole new and bigger reserve. We are talking about a dedicated server here.

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

A business website with a dedicate server hosting is given an optimum performance on high traffic and is also allowed to have fast data access. Dedicated server hosting is a managed hosting service that offers a dedicated server to which the client leases. It is not shared with any other website, data, or whatnot. It is solely "dedicated" to the client - a single organization devoted only for a single purpose.

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3 IPs
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$100 Dual Core 8GB 1GB 10TB 2 IPs Get Discount
$69 Quad Core 8GB 500GB 20TB 5 IPs Get Discount

Read about the Benefits

Looking for power and control? Obviously, a dedicated server allows for a website owner to maximize his functionality as a business, security, and a more reliable server that is flawless because it is focused. This one must be your top pick.

There will be a lot of careful planning to consider before you plunge your business into a dedicated server. However, upon looking at these excellent features and strengths below, you surely would want to jump into getting one because of the vast potential of this type of hosting for your business - of any type and of any size.

1. Nothing is shared.

You get the full resources of a single server all to yourself! That is the biggest deal. Which only means that you are in power and control over your own digital space and no one can interrupt or clog your site into crawling the internet fast. This is surely the best feature of the service. You are confident that your site will not slow down unlike in shared servers where bad scripts can run anytime and downtime is the result.


2. Security and Full Performance

Talking about downtime, you are sure that your site will be experiencing an optimal uptime 99% of the time, especially if you have a high traffic resource. In terms of security, you are sure that you are not sharing your space to any malicious or scam sites with bad encryptions that cause shared servers to slow down.

3. Flexibility

Just like any other hosting services, they say they offer flexibility, but a top dedicated server hosting is the surest way prove that flexibility truly does exist in the hosting environment. You are free to customize, install applications and bespoke it based on the each client's needs for RAM, CPU, software, and even disk space. It allows more control for the website owner once the server is configured.

4. No overhead cost.

There are big companies who spend much money to handle their own in-house dedicated server - which requires a lot of money and effort on the business owner's side. However, dedicate hosting service providers are here to help these large businesses out to allow them to focus more on their core competencies than pour their resources and time out to managing their server. The low-cost option is to subscribe to a managed dedicated server hosting. You cut down your cost, and at the same time, you are opening your time to complete more important business tasks and functions.

5. Unique IP Address

Again, nothing is shared. Not even your IP Address. Therefore, you are going to have your own unique IP address and it would even be harder for hackers to intrude your data.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Best Service

It is surely time consuming and a grueling task to find the best and affordable dedicated server, but in this article, we'd like to ease it up for you by providing you this checklist as you search for one.

Take into account the following:

Company: Address: Telephone: Email: Website:
iPage 10 Corporate Dr, Ste 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA 877-472-4399


Finding the best dedicate server is a lucrative task which requires a deeper understanding on how it works, what it is all about, and who can use it. Any business type can use it, but with our tips, it is wise to know if you can maximize the service itself and if your business is really up for a wider audience. But, even small and medium businesses can use this server and its benefits up to expand their full potential. Indeed, a dedicated server is more reliable, a smart investment, and is going to give your business an optimal performance at its finest.