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If you are in need of web hosting, you apparently would have made some research to find out what options are available. In the process, you would have discovered you have unlimited options to choose from. And this can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know how to determine which option is best for you.

Although cPanel looks complicated at first sight, its true essence is to make web hosting easier for you.

Best cPanel hosting is one of the most popular services available to web hosting. You are more likely to come across the term IB research more than you can imagine. If you are looking for the best available web hosting services in the market, cPanel is the choice for you.

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What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control board that gives a graphical interface and mechanization apparatuses intended to improve the processes involved in web hosting. cPanel uses a 3 level structure that empowers web admins, affiliates, and end-client site proprietors with control of the different parts of site and server organization through a standard web program. Simply put, cPanel is to web hosting what a remote control is to television operation.

The prevalence of this software within the web hosting community and web designers is to a great extent because of its user-friendly interface, with a bunch of responsive tools to execute tasks quickly, effectively, and dependably. Website admins, beginners and geeks alike, favor this control panel since it gives an intuitive interface to help them run their webpage. Thus, makes their work easy. The convenience is rendered simpler with fused video instructional exercises and on-screen helps. If you have never used the cPanel to upload a website, there is an available command that will bring you up to speed with the process within seconds. Besides its user-friendly value, here are other aspects of it that makes it the fans favourite.

Some of the Advantages Include:

Some of the Disadvantages Include:

Obviously, you can testify from further research that the advantages of top cPanel hosting far outweighs the disadvantages. Another interesting side to it is the incorporation of a few interesting add-ons and applications.


You cannot underestimate the value of business communication. Dealing with various email clients, business specific email addresses, blocking spam, and creating filters can be overwhelming. cPanel helps the website admin control and access these multiple email using some particular tools.

cPanel Email Features

File Management

Managing a server with various functionalities like multiple domains, subdomains, email accounts and FTP sources, the website admin can easily get frustrated and burn out. With the File Management tools feature cPanel makes this a lot easier.

File Management Features

Domain Management

cPanel empowers Clients who use the server with the ability to create sub-domains, add domains to their hosting account, or even park domains.

Domain Management Features


Ensuring security of the site and the server can be a hassle, even for the most seasoned professional. CPanel helps give its clients by providing the tools needed to reduce the possibility of attacks. With these tools, clients are guaranteed secured access to their site.

Security Features

Easy Server Management

This feature helps, especially the more advanced and professional, clients found on VPS servers save time by working within the command line to set up and carry out command.

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